Code editor Bluefish is termed as 'powerful' when it is compared with similar tools which helps developers to code general programs or create dynamic web pages. Wide range of scripts and languages are supported by Bluefish namely C, C++, Java, PHP, HTML, XHTML, JSP, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, CSS, XML, ColdFusion (full list is available on Bluefish website) Written in 'C' the editor was developed initially for Linux platform but later Mac OS and windows edition was released which made it popular among the programmers. Bluefish is very light weight, rich with many unique features and extensive plugin API to facilitate developers to complete their project. The editor starts very fast, able to load multiple files very quickly (less than second!). It supports working on multiple projects simultaneously with their own respective setting. Bluefish can access remote files using various widely used protocols, also directly upload/download the pages from the editor itself.
Download Bluefish (for windows, 4.4 MB)
Download Bluefish (for Mac, 19 MB)
Download Bluefish (for Linux, 1.4 MB)
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Support Information

Bluefish is free, open source solutions, community supported, hosted by openoffice. If you are having a problem with Bluefish, then visit here and look for help


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