Brackets is a code editor developed by adobe system mainly focusing on inline editing of HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes with live preview. The web authoring tool is available for free under MIT License. Quick Edit feature of Brackets enables you to see the properties of selected HTML elements and edit them according to your requirements. Also the JavaScript functions can also be viewed in drop-down box and edited if required which will be updated on JavaScript file by Brackets automatically. Similarly an web author can change the CSS properties like color, font etc. and see the impact live preview. Brackets also capable to import logos, images from PSD files using "PSD lens" without opening them separately. Brackets supports 38 different file types, e.g. C++, C, VBScript to Java, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Perl etc.
Download Brackets (for windows, 71.1 MB)
Download Brackets (for Mac, 105 MB)
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Support Information

Brackets is free, open source solutions, community supported, hosted by github. If you are having a problem with Brackets, then visit here and look for help


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